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Revitalize Your Being with an Ashram Stay Retreat
Apart from intense
200 hour yoga teacher training,
our ashram also provides an option for Ashram stay retreats with a minimum duration of one week

Ashram stay embodies a transformative journey, facilitating a profound disengagement from the frenetic pace of modern life through a lens of mindfulness. In doing so, it orchestrates a holistic metamorphosis, fostering the harmonious integration of one’s entire being.

Surrounded by the nurturing ambiance of the Ashram, you’ll experience a profound sense of stability and mental clarity. Each day, engaging in practical and inspiring discussions, utilizing effective breathing techniques, indulging in Yoga Nidra, meditation, Ayurvedic therapies, and Yoga Asanas, among other offerings, enriches the Ashram experience, providing ample room for introspection. (Ayurvedic therapies are accessible for an additional fee).

Expansive Yoga Hall featuring top-notch isolation facilities.

Despite the generous size of our yoga hall, classes are intentionally kept small. With an average of 20 to 25 students per batch, the intimate setting allows for a more personalized and enriching yoga experience. Amidst the serene backdrop of the TAPOVAN YOGSHALA, students can immerse themselves in the art of yoga while enjoying breathtaking views of the mountains.

Small groups foster an environment of heightened personal attention, unlike larger groups, ensuring the preservation of teaching quality and ultimately forging a sense of unity among all participants.

Constructed with utmost care and utilizing top-notch materials, our yoga hall is designed to help you achieve a serene state of mind and body. Immerse yourself in the carefully curated atmosphere, allowing you to fully engage in your breathing and meditation practices.

Indulge in the tranquil and snug lodging experience.

Experience the comforts of home and ultimate relaxation in our modernly equipped accommodation. Each room at our yoga school is furnished with a geyser, air conditioner, heater, balcony, plush mattress, and premium soundproof windows. Revel in the peaceful ambiance as you unwind with a good book on your room’s serene balcony.

Savor the delectable on-site preparation of nourishing Ayurvedic Sattvic cuisine.

Indulge in our wholesome, vegetarian menu featuring Ayurvedic Sattvic delights, meticulously crafted for optimal nutrition and balance throughout our programs and retreats. Our delicious and organic offerings are sourced directly from local farmers, prepared with care at our yoga ashram. From cleaning to cooking, we prioritize your well-being by using filtered water to eliminate any waterborne concerns.

TAPOVAN YOGSHALA aligns its food preparation practices with the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) system, adhering to the standards set by FAO/WHO/CODEX ALIMENTARIUS COMMISSION, as well as complying with national laws and regulations, specifically those outlined by FSSAI. Rigorous food safety monitoring is implemented throughout the entire supply chain, ensuring the highest standards from production to consumption.

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